Horse Sand Fort - Solent Forts 


Discover the amazing past of our trio of historic fortresses.

The newest addition to our collection of forts, Horse Sand, is the same spectacular size as No Man’s and shares the same compelling past. We want to showcase the incredible history of these forts and have preserved the beauty of this historic monument. Witness 100 chambers and living quarters and admire the original gun carriages and armour plated walls. Take a step back in time as you climb aboard Horse Sand Fort.


Like nowhere else on earth, our historical monument is yours to explore as you learn the secrets of its past.


There are few sites more likely to open your eyes and challenge your imagination than the historical monument that is Horse Sand Fort. For schools, colleges and anyone with an active interest in history, a visit to our site is a thought-provoking opportunity to uncover a fascinating slice of British naval history.

This fascinating fortress has remained largely untouched since its last occupation during the Second World War. The site has been cleared and made safe for a limited number of day visitors to experience this once active defence base for themselves.

Marking a huge contrast from the comfort and luxury that await at sister forts, No Man’s and Spitbank; Horse Sand accurately depicts the fascinating back story of these unique sea defences.

Restoring the Past

The decision to create a museum on Horse Sand Fort was taken in order to preserve the valuable and fascinating history of this site, and create a memorable insight for visitors keen to learn more about the monumental transformation undertaken on both Spitbank and No Man’s.

Horse Sand fort was purchased by Amazing Venues in an abandoned state having been unoccupied for decades. The first step in creating our living museum was to clear the site of debris, removing anything not of historical significance.

In places the fort was unstable and dedicated teams of experts battled challenging weather to ensure the site was safe and secure before further renovation could begin. A thankless task, the site was painstakingly scoured so that all elements of historical relevance were preserved.

Today, visitors are able to experience for themselves the original gun carriages, shell stores and living quarters that have been preserved in their original states. Around 100 chambers are available to explore, with original wall signs, hooks, doorways and stairwells offering a glimpse of what life was like for the military personnel based on Horse Sand. History comes to life with the presence of armour plating, chimneys and ventilators as well as the distinctive arched ceilings and doors.


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