Meet the Spa team

Sharon Webster

Spa Manager

  • Sharon has been in industry for over thirteen years. She has a vast range of skills ranging from; Deep tissue massage, Holistic therapies, skin specialist and nail technology.
  • “I absolutely love my job, I fell in love with the venue as it's so unique. I take great pride in my delivery of treatments and I am very passionate about making every treatment personal and unique. I have a fantastic team of therapists who I am very proud to work alongside”

Shara Begum

Senior Therapist

  • Shara has worked in the beauty industry for six years. Shara specialises in holistic treatments and skin therapies.
  • “I really enjoy working on the Forts. I love the boat ride to work in the morning and I feel really lucky that this is my place of work. The part of my job I like the most is being able to make people feel relaxed and in a better place than when they arrived”

Chloe Woodford

Spa Therapist/Make-up Artist

  • Chloe has been in industry for three years. Chloe specialises in make-up, nails and deep tissue massage.
  • “The Forts are such an incredible place to work. The staff are extremely friendly and can't do enough to help. The part of my job I enjoy is making clients feel special, from completing make-up on a bride to performing a massage that can give someone relief who is suffering with muscle pains”


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