"> Why Exclusive Use and Why Spitbank Fort near to Portsmouth?

SPITBANK FORT Why go Exclusive Use?

How to live like a King or Queen

There’s something rather special about having somewhere all to yourself. Pure privacy, a more relaxed vibe and the freedom to create a bespoke event at your own pace, are just a few reasons that spring to mind, but the list is endless.

Whether you crave exclusivity, need confidentiality, or just want something beyond the ordinary, it can all be yours when you hire Spitbank Fort. Leave the everyday behind as you sail away and escape to a unique world where history meets luxury.

Spitbank Fort is an Exclusive Use venue

Imagine your birthday, anniversary or home-from-home house party with friends or family…

Spitbank Fort is the ideal venue for any celebration or gathering. Whatever the reason for it, your stay can be customised to meet your exact requirements.

You will have the undivided attention of your very own Fort Manager, a fully staffed crew and menu options from our executive head chef, offering you endless options and flexibility, letting you choose your meals your way, to make sure they fit in with your stay.

Nine bedrooms for your Exclusive Use event

With nine guest bedroom suites sleeping up to eighteen people, if you have a group of friends or family looking for the perfect all year-round retreat where you can enjoy dinner parties late into the night, a hot toddy around the rooftop firepit or lazy days in the hot pool, Spitbank Fort has it all. We can tailor your stay to your needs, whoever is in your group. Everyone is made to feel special. It’s really as simple as that.

Should you require any specific entertainment or want a themed party or event, all this can be arranged for you, to keep you and your guests entertained. Private transfers, Rib hire, spa treatments and activities are all available can be arranged for you at a small additional cost.

For more information and to receive a quote, please visit our Exclusive Use contact us page.


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We are a child FREE venue

Solent Forts Bookings - Update August 2021

As you will be aware the government have stated all restrictions will be lifted in August 2021 but have not guaranteed that restrictions could not be restored later in the year. Whilst this is encouraging for many businesses currently affected by the restrictions it does not change the Forts current position.

The Forts are a unique proposition, and present a lot of logistical challenges, as well as the normal hotel/restaurant operational requirements to meet current regulations. We also need to be aware of our obligation to the Historical significance of our properties and the need to preserve their heritage.

As this situation is unprecedented, we are unsure when it will be safe to reopen, and we will continue to defer a reopening until there is no threat of further restrictions/forced closures and it is safe for both guests and staff, and we will be able to once more offer our guests the best possible experience.

You will appreciate the nature of the current situation and the volume of customer enquiries we are receiving at this time. We are a very small team working on reduced hours and will process all enquiries as soon as possible. Please channel all enquiries through our hello@solentforts.com email address.

Please be advised

We will NOT be taking any new bookings/enquiries or sell any more vouchers at this time.

Guests with existing bookings/vouchers are advised to contact the hello@solentfports.com email box.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Solent Forts Team

*You may have seen that the Solent Forts are currently being marketed for sale. Hotels change hands regularly and existing bookings and deposits are transferred over to any new ownership. In the rare event this does not happen you will receive a full refund automatically at the time of sale. Please be assured your deposits and bookings are safe.