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Limitless fun on a fort

Three forts – but endless opportunities for fun. We’re pretty much open to anything so if you’ve got a particular request, however outlandish it may seem, just ask. If it’s possible (and legal) we’ll almost certainly give it a go. Please see below for some of the activities we already provide at Solent Forts.


Treat your loved ones to a chilled bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne signed with your own personalised message.


Enjoy a spot of fishing off the side of the fort and you can expect to catch Mackerel and Seabass.


Indulge in a sumptuous four course Sunday Lunch on Spitbank Fort.


A variety of wines from around the world complemented with a sumptuous selection of English and French cheeses.


Impress your friends and colleagues and learn the art of Sabrage. This activity includes a bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne.


Perfect to team building or just a fun day with friends, explore the secret passage of the forts and find the hidden prizes.


Sample 4 types of vibrant, smooth and delicious rums.


The perfect activity for thrill seekers. An exhilarating ride across the waves taking in all three of our magnificent forts.


Learn to shake, mix and stir an array of popular cocktails from across the globe including our very own Solent Breeze.


Push the boat out and host an unforgettable wedding, party or conference with exclusive use of our fort.


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We are a child FREE venue

Solent Forts Bookings - Update August 2021

As you will be aware the government have stated all restrictions will be lifted in August 2021 but have not guaranteed that restrictions could not be restored later in the year. Whilst this is encouraging for many businesses currently affected by the restrictions it does not change the Forts current position.

The Forts are a unique proposition, and present a lot of logistical challenges, as well as the normal hotel/restaurant operational requirements to meet current regulations. We also need to be aware of our obligation to the Historical significance of our properties and the need to preserve their heritage.

As this situation is unprecedented, we are unsure when it will be safe to reopen, and we will continue to defer a reopening until there is no threat of further restrictions/forced closures and it is safe for both guests and staff, and we will be able to once more offer our guests the best possible experience.

You will appreciate the nature of the current situation and the volume of customer enquiries we are receiving at this time. We are a very small team working on reduced hours and will process all enquiries as soon as possible. Please channel all enquiries through our hello@solentforts.com email address.

Please be advised

We will NOT be taking any new bookings/enquiries or sell any more vouchers at this time.

Guests with existing bookings/vouchers are advised to contact the hello@solentfports.com email box.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Solent Forts Team

*You may have seen that the Solent Forts are currently being marketed for sale. Hotels change hands regularly and existing bookings and deposits are transferred over to any new ownership. In the rare event this does not happen you will receive a full refund automatically at the time of sale. Please be assured your deposits and bookings are safe.